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2017/2018 TUITION


5 day program  $6,700.00  (available for all children)

3 day program  $5,300.00 (available for all children)

2 day program  $3,800.00 (offered to 3 yr. olds only)




5 day option       +$2,600.00

4 day option       +$2,200.00

3 day option       +$1,800.00

2 day option       +$1,400.00

1 day option          +$800.00


**  monthly and semi-annual payment plans available **



8:00-8:30 Early Drop-off – (Optional)

8:30-9:00 Arrival & Early Centers  Children arrive and settle in to one of the open centers. Quick activities are offered in the art studio. 

9:00-9:20 Group Time  Our first group time always includes songs, movement, and dance. In addition, we plan for the upcoming day with discussion and calendar activities. 

9:20-10:30 Center Time  Center time is the main activity period that gives children a chance to work in many different group dynamics. All centers are open and children may choose areas of play. During this time the art teacher leads a project in the art studio, and at least one other teacher leads a small group activity for all children. Music, yoga, or woodworking enrichment programs are offered one day each week. A greenhouse located on the property is an important part of our curriculum, giving children a chance to learn about the natural world.

10:30-10:45 Group Time The children regroup, sing songs, and prepare for snack.

10:45-11:00 Snack  Snack is provided each day and includes a carbohydrate (such as crackers), fruit or vegetable, and drink (milk, juice, or water). BPS maintains a nut-free environment to accommodate children with severe food allergies.

11:00-11:15 Story & Share Time  During this last group time a teacher reads a book to the children. The children are invited to recap their thoughts from our morning and they take turns sharing a special item from home.

11:15-11:45 Outdoor Play  Large motor activities round off the morning with outdoor play. The children can choose to play on the climbing equipment, ride a vehicle, dig in the sandboxes, play in the pretend house, or perhaps be a caretaker in the greenhouse.

12:00-2:00 Lunch Bunch  An optional, extended day program is offered to all preschool children. Additional activities often include cooperative games and more outdoor play. 


Enrichment programs:

ART STUDIO: The art studio is a warm, open, organized, and well-stocked space where children are encouraged to build, explore, and expand their ideas daily. Through the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we understand that when a child has artistic freedom he/she has a greater sense of self-esteem, imagination, and creativity. The art teacher introduces a variety of tools and art mediums, but it is the child’s decision what to create and what to bring to life. The children care more, learn more, and enjoy an activity more when they produce their own creations.

MUSIC: Music and movement is part of the daily routine at BPS. In addition, there is a music teacher who comes twice a month to work with the children. This special program incorporates a deeper study of music and allows the children to experiment with different instruments. The children will participate in and share what they have learned in two family music night events during the school year.

WOODWORKING: Brown Play School also employs a woodworking teacher who comes to work with the children twice a month. This program provides the children with the opportunity to learn how to use real tools in a safe and well-supervised environment. The children create some individual items that they are able to bring home such as a bird house or a stepping stool. They also work on group projects that benefit and remain at the school such as a balance beam for the play yard.

GREENHOUSE: In 2004 a greenhouse was added to the play yard. The greenhouse enables the children to be actively involved in growing, observing and caring for a variety of herbs and plants year round. It provides a huge sense of pride for the children to plant seeds and watch the many stages of growth. The children also carefully document the development of the plants in journals.

YOGA: Our trained yoga instructor has created a program specially adapted for the children’s little bodies and minds. She has found unique methods of incorporating yoga into the children’s daily schedule that provides them with a fantastic kinesthetic experience. The benefits of yoga for children include increased self-awareness and self-esteem, lower anxiety levels, and increased physical strength and control.


Annual Family Events

Get Acquainted Picnic

Fall Festival

Halloween Parade

Thanksgiving Lunch and Concert

Holiday Sing-A-Long

Annual Fundraisers (Cocktail Party and Road Race)

Fire Station Field trip

Grandparent’s Day

Gallery Afternoon

Family Music Night